Myracle ToBe

Age: 5 weeks old
Sex: female
Breed: Lab collie cross
Weight: 3 pounds

Passed Away November 22, 2010

Very sad news. Our little Myracle ToBe did not have her miracle come through with us. Very sadly, she passed away on her own shortly after 3pm today. I had been on the phone and email all day talking to the vets and a specialist when I finally I decided to go in and just see how she was doing as I had been told she had taken a turn for the worse.

When I got there, I quickly went to the back of the clinic, and they had her out of her kennel on the table. I could tell already that we had already lost our battle. Something neurologically had gone wrong with this little girl from the freezing. I touched her head gently and gave her a head rub. She immediately had a seizure and was gone within a minute.

I feel like she waited just so I could say a goodbye to her. I know that her miracle has come through for her on the other side. Her last few days were full of the love she should have received her full life. We did everything possible to save this little girl but it was just too much for her little body. Byebye for now Myracle ToBe.

Nov 19,2010:

Say a big prayer for Little Myracle Tobe. We want a miracle to bless this 5 week old pup and give her the ability to walk again. She is currently paralyzed from the neck down after being found frozen on the side of the road on a reserve. She was brought in and screamed in pain the entire night as her little body thawed. Now, she has no sensation or response under her neck. She is eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping. She is a fighter and we are optimistic that she will beat the odds and walk again.

We have done x-rays on her and there appears to be no injuries. She is on an IV at the clinic receiving the best supportive care a puppy could get. Thank-you to the Crestwood Vet Clinic.

She is one of the very many special cases we are trying to deal with currently. If you can afford a donation, now is the time to make one. We very rarely ever ask for donations but we are struggling with overwhelming vet bills currently.